Villa Sermolli

Villa Sermolli is a charming B&B located in the heart of Tuscany on a small hill with spectacular panoramic views. The building was purchased in 1602 by the Sermolli family, expanding it over the next four decades from 18 to 54 rooms.

In the 1970s the villa was sold to a group of Swiss artists, who used the building as a vacation home, gallery and concert space for nearly four decades. Since the spring of 2011, the villa has been a bed and breakfast that enables its guests to have the unusual experience of staying in a magnificently preserved home of former Tuscan nobles.

Behind the
Have you ever tried the famous Spritz?
Taking advantage of the golden hour

The challenge this time was to produce a lifestyle photographic report showing how a client could have fun at the Villa. The main use of the report was for social networks. As usually we started the challenge from the beginning: the planning and inspiration stage.

We researched about which were the different experiences usually offered to the clientes, the most interesting shared spaces and the most photogenic rooms. We did a tour around the Villa identifying the most suitable locations for the shootings.

Playing with the shadows
The local Ferrari

Once we had an idea of the place in our minds we started designing the inspiration mood boards with the ideas that fitted best to the place, its style and the requirements of our client. We always take a look to their social networks to have an idea of what makes the place special but always try to avoid to replicate the same ideas.

Time for a swim
Creative composition with the dessert
Homemade lemonade
The delicious Breakfast buffet

Being creative nowadays is not an easy job. Many times it’s not about creating something new but taking ideas from different contexts and applying them into a new one. This is a process we usually follow to avoid repeating the same type of photos everywhere we go. It’s also something good for you as a professional, to try to push yourself beyond your limits in order to grow.

When we plan the shootings we always try to take advantage of the golden and the blue hour to shoot outdoors. These moments of the day are really limited in time and that’s because they are really appreciated. We usually set them aside for the shoots we consider more important. The midday is a good time for shooting in the rooms and generally indoors.

Romantic dinner setting
Dessert time
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