Two Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Seta


Under the watchful eye of the acclaimed chef Antonio Guida, the two Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Seta has fast become one of Milan’s most talked-about dining destinations. Updating traditional recipes with his own creative culinary techniques, chef Guida’s menu offers an exciting, contemporary take on classic Italian cuisine.

Attention to every detail is a must in Seta

The challenge this time was to capture the atmosphere and the daily action inside the kitchen showing the values of passion, closeness and teamwork. So the first step was to meet the team and ask them about which were the dynamics inside the kitchen during the rush hours: staff movements, the meals preparation process, the position of the chef at any time etc. This was also a crucial moment to gain confidence with them, explaining who we were, making some jokes and showing ourselves like really simple and reliable people.

Antonio Guida chatting with the maître
Small pieces of Heaven
This was our favourite dessert

The connection and relationship between the photographer and the people who is going to take part as models in the shooting is the key for achieving naturalness and freshness. If you want to see people smiling at the camera, first you have to get that people smile at you. So the photographer, as a person, has to achieve that smile, has to connect strongly with his/her models in an emotional and human way.

Teamwork and coordination is everything when you want to achieve the highest quality

It’s rush hour at the kitchen of Seta Restaurant. Craziness has started. Everybody is working and giving their 100%. Concentration, Speed, coordination…every member of the staff has to gather these skills apart from the knowledge and the ones they are supposed to have because of their training and curriculum. We have to catch that atmosphere and we do it showing in our photos gestures, faces of concentration, complicity, attention to details

Selecting just the best ingredients
Some more delicious dessert

There is no much space for us in the kitchen. Everybody is moving around really fast. They work daily for getting that third Michelin star. So first of all you have to be aware that you have to do your best letting them at the same time do their job. And that’s not easy. You can sometimes ask somebody for doing slowlier what he/she is doing to catch that shoot. But you cannot do it very often. You have to be fast too. You have to activate all your senses: Is the chef asking for something special? what is that? Who is going to prepare it? What does that instruction mean? Anticipation is the key.

Keep your workers happy and everything will flow
Rush hour can be stressful. Concentration and teamwork are crucial

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