Honeymoon guesthouses Ubud, Bali

Honeymoon Guest House is a charming oasis in Bali that offers an authentic Balinese experience with a touch of elegance and tranquility. The house of the family of the Australian Janet Denefee was our first order of several for her in Ubud.

Lazy mornings
Coffee with a view

Honeymoon Guest House offers experiences of all kinds starting with one of the breakfasts of which we keep better memories in all our trips. We have not found a better combination of natural, healthy and delicious food to date, starting with fruit juices, muesli with homemade yogurt, croissants baked in their own Bakery or cappuccino.

The villa is full of history and tradition. You can see, hear and feel it.

Apart from an incredible breakfast to start the day, the hotel offers a small villa to its guests, whose atmosphere captures you from the first minute: peace and tranquility seasoned with Balinese music and aromas. The hotel offers an attractive variety of activities to tempt you to forget everything and spend your hours there: yoga, cooking classes, massages and treatments, salt water pool

Showing Janet’s brand-name bedding

The commission at Honeymoon Guesthouse consisted of photographing all the rooms for the Hotel’s website, as well as producing a series of lifestyle photographs showing Janet’s brand-name bedding: bed covers, sheets, cushion covers …

Surrounded by nature everything seems to flow slowlier

The charming pool

As usual we try to give our personal touch to the photographs and we always seek to bring freshness and a modern touch to a place with a great tradition and history.

This time we use ourselves as models to create the lifestyle using all kinds of resources at our disposal: breakfasts, books, Balinese clothes …

Exploring different perspectives
POV from the bed of our dreams
Balinese unique style is everywhere
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