Honeymoon bakery

Honeymoon Bakery provides delicious sweets and homemade pastries to Casa Luna restaurant in Ubud, Bali. It is a traditional pastry shop managed by the Australian Janet Denefee, a culinary reference on the island.

The commission this time was to create a photographic series with the most typical desserts of the Bakery and some special birthday orders.

Playing with the background, the shapes, the textures…
One more please!

For the compositions we quickly locate a window with natural light and put a wooden table next to it. This way, with natural sidelight we created a lot of volume in the compositions without practically needing artificial light sources as support.

The choice of wood as a background for the stills was not a coincidence. We wanted the background to evoke the warmth of homemade products and for this purpose, wood seemed the ideal background.

Photography is about having fun
Creating depth with elements in the foreground and the background
Happy birthday

One of the compositions that works best for us is to show the finished dishes along with some of their ingredients to dress the composition and this way make it more interesting. Thus, a chocolate cake can be accompanied by eggs, flour, ounces of chocolate, butter … we can even incorporate into the composition the various cutlery with which it has been prepared.

Dressing the composition
The pink background makes the photo pop

It is also important to choose suitable plates and food supports. Normally we choose them based on the size of the dessert or the sweet, its textures and its colours. They can be wooden bases, flat plates or with coloured ornaments. It is important before shooting to know all the options available in the kitchen.

We can eat bread at any time…

…and also this
The famous Sunday Donut
Not enough sugar?

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