Dedon Island Resort (Nay Palad) Siargao (Philippines)

Have you ever wondered how the paradise looks like? If there is a place in the earth that is really close to the typical ideal of what most people think about how the paradise should be, that’s Dedon Island Resort (nowadays better known as Nay Palad).

Dedon Island Resort is a unique place located in a remote location of the southwest of the Philippines: the island of Siargao. Siargao is well known among the nomad surfers who travel the world looking not only for the best waves but also for a friendly and funny local athmosphere.

Private breakfast, a good way to start a working day, isn’t it?

The motto in Dedon is to make its guests feel at home. What we never imagined is that something that looks like a cliché between hotels and resorts could be put into practice the way they do there.

Small private pagoda for yoga classes
Yes it is. A bed in the middle of the beach
The dreamed breakfast
The staff always ready to help

The goal during three days of photo sessions was to show all the experiences that are available to the privileged who are lucky enough to live Dedon at least once in their lives. From yoga in the early morning in a small private pagoda in the middle of the sea, going through a private island hopping with a luxury lunch to a private cinema session in the pool. Everything you can imagine, Dedon makes it possible.

The paradise looks like this from the sea
Private transport to the Resort
Romantic dinner with a view
This is definitely our favourite place in the world

We are not going to fool you, a place like Dedon is a photographic paradise. With all the staff ready to help us in what it was necessary everything was extremely simple. I think that we motivate each other to do an unforgettable job and get the most out of all possible experiences.

Lifestyle photography is not about the places themselves, but about the experiences offered by these places, how we live and enjoy them. Our photographs when we talk about lifestyle have to be full of positive emotions, joy, pleasure, excitement… For this it is essential to have models, faces that convey those emotions in the most natural way possible. And that is what we strive for when we receive orders of this type. In which the photographs overflow naturalness and freshness, trying to get away at all times from artificial poses and excessive pre-production.

Private Camp fire with friends
Morning shots
Lazy mornings
Lifestyle is all about people and experiences

In Dedon time goes by very fast, even if you are working. After three days we were not aware of the number of photographs we had taken. Editing them was as hard as rewarding, being an opportunity to recall unforgettable days.

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