Casa Luna Restaurant Bali

Casa Luna Restaurant is well-known in Ubud and the whole Bali as a reference of the Balinese and modern cuisine. Its location is also a good point because it’s not in the middle of the busy Ubud but just a few minutes from the Village market with stunning views to the jungle and the rice fields. The atmosphere there is relaxing and unique because of its lovely staff, the music, the smell…It’s not a secret that Bali is one of our favourite places on earth and Casa Luna one of the restaurants where you can taste the best local food.

Shared lunch with friends

We have been several times in Indonesia. Last time we spent three months traveling and working in different places. When arriving to Ubud we agreed some photo shooting for the australian Janet DeNeefe the owner of Casa Luna and one of the most important references of the balinese cuisine.

During a pair of weeks we went almost daily to Casa Luna to shoot meals, drinks, the place itself and also special events such as the famous “salsa night” which we also enjoyed a lot. All together with the staff, with Janet and Janet’s assistants we created several scenarios to show not only the food but people enjoying it as a way of giving life to the place and creating and transmitting a social atmosphere. The main use of the photos was for flyers, posters and social media. We involved several models in the shootings and also made use of ourselves in specific situations.

Cheers with a view
Healthy food is the star

Shooting food and drinks is something we are passionate about. Far from being easy it requires a master control of both natural and artificial light (flash, LED’s) and composition.

Composition is an art. We usually go into the kitchen and see the available tableware and then decide what fits better to the meals we are going to shoot. When combining different dishes in the frame we always look for harmony and interesting disposition of things. It’s very common to try different combinations until you are satisfied and find the good one. It’s also important when shooting, to try to think both horizontally and vertically cause you never know which the use of the photo will be. It’s supposed to be for flyers but why not in the end can be a header for a website? You have to give always different options to your clients.

The balcony to the jungle offers some of the most stunning views in Ubud

About the light we have already some prefixed lighting schemes that work great. For this it’s crucial to work together as a team, one in charge of capturing the best shoot and the other taking care of the light, trying to understand its effect on what you are shooting.

Presentation is also a key point. This is not usually our work as photographers, it’s the restaurant staff’s work, but we have to be aware of every detail in order to ask somebody to do something specific such as clean, cook the food again, put more food, provide us beautiful and suitable decoration…If you don’t take care of these details during the shooting you will probably have to shoot it again. Trust us.

The after work begins here

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