BeVedetta: a 5 stars glamping in the heart of Tuscany

Vedetta is a 5 star glamping immersed in an olive grove surrounded by forests on top of a hill in Maremma in Tuscany. It is one of the most special hotels we have worked for, offering a curious and attractive combination of camping life in the middle of nature, the glamor and design of its picturesque lodges and the friendly and familiar atmosphere that all the staff strive to create daily.

Sunrise at the lodges with a privilege view of the town of Scarlino

The soul of Vedetta is its owner, Anna Barberini, a lovely woman descended from a historical family of Scarlino. Anna is one of those people who get involved 100% in the sessions, open to dialogue and always ready to help you so that the photographs reflect the essence of the place. And this is something we always appreciate. No matter how much research we do and strive to understand the values ​​behind each project, there is nobody better than the owner to guide us and give us feedback during the work.

Lovely Anna with one of her cats at Scarlino questhouses

Regarding this, one of the key points during the reports is the continuous feedback. Waiting to finish the work to show the photographs for us is a mistake. Something that we consider vital is to show a quick selection of the results on the fly to confirm that we are going in the right direction. It does not matter that the selection is not edited, the RAW files are usually enough for the client to give us some kind of valuable feedback.

Barbara, Anna’s assistant
Nature shadows inside the lodges

In the case of Vedetta, it happened to us when photographing the interior of the lodges. During the first three days of shooting the weather was not good enough and that was evident in the results. We decided to show Anna part of the work done up to that point and she surprised us with a special request: she wanted the lodges to be impregnated by the warmth of the golden light of sunrise or sunset. This feedback made us completely rethink the shooting and plan millimetrically the sessions of the following days based on the golden hours. The results were spectacular. And all thanks to teamwork, sincere feedback and non-conformism to get what they were asking us.

Golden hour inside the lodges

Bevedetta produces an extra-virgin organic olive oil of excellent quality, made with olives from its own farm. We think about creating a special composition with oil, olives and leaves of the olive trees on the floor of the lodges. This is a typical setting when creating product photos.

Anna gave us one of this as a present. It has changed the game when preparing delicious salads.
Getting ready for the breakfast buffet
It’s the queen of the house
Playing with the strip of LEDs
Sea views from the pool

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