About us

Beyond the limits of creativity

Photography and videography are not a creative accident. They are the product of a never ending self and world discovery process. Every piece of light, emotion, experience and sound that is in our minds inspire us when creating memories with the camera.

Everytime you take photographs and videos you are not just taking them but creating them choosing what is in your frame and what is not.

Traveling the world has enriched us not only with diverse forms of beauty but with different thinkings, views and understandings of life. This travel and life experience is for us our creative energy when producing images.

We love to develop together a new concept of photography, what we like to call the co-creation concept. We work as a team contributing with our own vision of the world to create images from the very beginning stages, sharing inspiration, creating common mood boards, scouting the locations, sharing ideas and feelings and working closely together in the production and post production phases. 

We push ourselves daily beyond the limits of our own creativity with the sole purpose of creating the most unique images that we can. This is what we love doing, it’s our passion and a great part of our life. 

Whether it’s about a travel, a place, an experience or a person, we love to take the challenge with the same positive energy and enthusiasm as if it was our first time, putting always in the center of the production process the feelings and the needs of our clients

Behind the lens

About Amaia

“I wish some moments of my life never ended. Photography serves me to make those moments eternal so I can come back again and again to them and re-experience what they made me feel.”

Amaia loves capturing smiles and the best moments in the daily life of people. Whether it comes to travel photography, her approach is unique. She has a  wild, adventurous and courageous heart. She is really curious when meeting a place, culture or people for the first time, and she knows really well how to tell their story with special sensitivity. She loves the little things of life, from a cup of coffee with banana pancake in the mornings, to a camping night under the stars. 

Behind the lens

About David

“Like other so many things in life, for me photography is not an end in itself, it’s just a tool to help others or the planet. The best approach when embracing photography is to have fun and for that, sharing the photographic experience is fundamental.”

Always looking for the best light to get the most from each location, from the air or from the earth, David is passionate about outdoor and nature photography. He is a creative videographer in constant evolution, caring always about both beauty and content as a way of telling each story the best way possible.